Discover why Jeff's clients love him and keep coming back!

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"Jeff Mathena is an incredible voice coach! Throughout the six months that I've been working with him, he has taught me how to increase my vocal range, by helping me understand proper placement.  I'm singing notes that used to be a complete stretch for me with total ease.  Not only does my voice feel stronger, but my confidence has been built up as well.  I'm no longer afraid to take risks, as Jeff has helped me to focus on finding the unique qualities in my voice.  The first few shows after I started working with Jeff showed immeasurable growth.  Members of my team were amazed at how much stronger my vocal performances were, and how much more confidence I had in them.  

I'm so blessed to have started working with Jeff, and am now kicking myself for all the years I went without voice lessons. Singing success is an amazing program, and Jeff is an absolutely incredible teacher!  Not sure I would have been able to get through a month of touring in Europe without his warm ups!"



Five-time Independent Country Music Association award winner 
#1 song on the iTunes sing-songwriter chart in the UK (“Jealous of the Angels”)
Five-time Grand Ole Opry performer


"Jeff has a unique way of bringing out the best in a singer. He will find the areas of your voice that you didn't know existed and give you confidence in that ability. It's more than just teaching the principles of proper singing, its the ability to make the singer believe they can be great and showing them the steps to get there."



Lead singer of Green River Ordinance
Two top-40 hit songs
#15 on iTunes overall, #1 on Singer-Songwriter Chart, & #6 on Billboard Folk Chart (Chasing Down the Wind)
Billboard Top-100 artist 


"I walked into my first lesson with Jeff having just been diagnosed with a big scary long disorder called Spasmodic Dysphonia. There had been times in the last couple years that I couldn't even speak or carry on a conversation. Wikipedia told me it was incurable. YouTube showed me that it could get much, much worse. But along with a bunch of embarrassing new exercises like panting like a dog and imitating a dolphin, I've learned that Wikipedia and YouTube have never met Jeff Mathena.

My voice is back and I feel more inspired than ever. Jeff gives me encouragement when I forget how awesome he tells me I am, confidence when it falls between the couch cushions, and real, true, noticeable strides every time I have a lesson with him. I'm forever grateful. And he did not pay me to say that."



Writer at Sea Gayle Music Publishing 
Debuted at the Grand Ole Opry at age 16 

"From my first time meeting with him, it has completely revolutionized the way I sing." 

"Where I thought I had reached my vocal max and I thought I was as good as I would ever be, he's been able to show me a whole other realm of my voice that I've only just begun to tap into."

"Elevation Church has been amazing in allowing us to have vocal lessons from a guy as established as Jeff."




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"It's hard to even put into words how helpful working with Jeff Mathena has been. I've been singing since I was a kid, but have never understood or controlled my voice better than I have since I started with Jeff. He isn't just a broad instructor, he's very personalized. He knows how to stretch and grow me individually.

The way he's taught me to prepare, warm up, breathe... has taken my singing to another level. I'm not constantly strained anymore, and I'm not losing my voice after a long weekend of singing. Jeff is fantastic and I highly recommend anyone who's serious about singing take lessons from him!"



Worship leader & songwriter at Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC

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"In working with Jeff, I have seen dramatic improvement in both my vocal abilities and confidence. He has not only taught me good vocal technique, but has also been instrumental in helping me discover and craft my style. As a touring artist, the demands on my voice are very high. Jeff has helped tremendously in keeping my voice healthy, in shape, and able to hit high notes effortlessly. 

I had the pleasure of having Jeff in the recording studio for my recent album, and have gotten so many comments of how I’ve never sung better! He is kind, patient, and very positive in his approach to teaching. On top of that, his vast knowledge and ability to demonstrate vocal technique and style is inspiring. Jeff is a fantastic vocal coach, and I highly recommend him!"



Independent CCM Recording Artist 
Two-time GMA Canada Nominee for Female Vocalist of the Year


"Working with Jeff has been the single best investment I have made in my music career.  Prior to working with Jeff, I spent tireless frustrating hours trying to develop my voice, both on my own, as well as with other voice teachers.  The result was bad habits and a voice limited by anxiety about my singing.   Jeff has given me the ability to do my songs justice by improving my tone and increasing my range well beyond what I ever thought possible, as well as honing in on the nuances that convey the emotion in the song, and most importantly, giving me the confidence in my voice necessary to perform.  As a songwriter and performer himself, Jeff goes beyond simply giving me the tools necessary to sing, but guides me in the application of them."



Nashville recording artist

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Where do I even begin. Jeff has been so much more than just a vocal coach. He's not only improved my voice technically, but has helped shape it around the kind of music I write and sing.



Nashville recording artist